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I’m Dimitrios Hassapidis, the CEO & FOUNDER of BIG RED STEP Hospitality, and it’s my pleasure to guide you through the exceptional opportunities that await in Thessaloniki and Mykonos—two of Greece’s most captivating destinations. At BIG RED STEP Hospitality, we pride ourselves on delivering a service that’s as personal as it is professional, underpinned by unwavering trust, transparency, and flexibility. Our approach is tailored to ensure your investment not only flourishes but also seamlessly integrates into the vibrant tapestry of these prime locations. Let us embark on this journey together, transforming your aspirations into tangible success.
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Investing in Short-Term Rental (STR) properties presents a compelling opportunity for those looking to generate instant cash flow while benefiting from comprehensive property management solutions. At BIG RED STEP Hospitality, we understand the importance of trust and safety, especially for our discerning investors who value reliability and efficiency in their ventures. As an investor you are not just seeking financial returns; you are looking for a trusted partner who can manage your investment with a personal touch, ensuring that it is not only a source of income but also a secure and well-maintained asset.

We cater to those who appreciate the finer details of property investment, from optimizing amenities to meet guest expectations to navigating the nuances of the local real estate market, aligning perfectly with their lifestyle and investment goals. Of course you don’t loose your access to your property if you decide to stay in it for a predetermined period of time.

“The best partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of equality, desire, and no small amount of passion.”

That’s the reason why we’ve stablished a strong partnership with Engel & Völkers.
Arguably one of the finest real estate agencies in Greece. A company that shares the same high values as we do.
BIG RED STEP Hospitality, and Engel & Völkers commit to collaborate together towards satisfying your goal.

  • Personalized Management
  • Prime STR properties
  • Instant Cash Flow
  • Mid to top tier Luxury Properties
  • High Rental Yields
  • STR oriented properties
  • Trust & Transparency
  • Legal & Financial Guidance
  • Flexible Contract Terms

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Thessaloniki and Mykonos are prime locations due to their high tourist demand, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant cultures. These areas offer great potential for rental income, especially with properties optimized for short-term stays. Βoth areas have among the highest investment yields in Greece.

Our personal touch, led by the CEO & Founder Dimitrios Hassapidis, ensures trust, transparency, and flexibility in managing your property. Unlike others, we offer a unique blend of local expertise and global standards, and most importantly direct short-term rental management and hence immediate cash-flow for the investor.

Absolutely. Our client base is global. We provide comprehensive management services, ensuring your property generates cash flow regardless of your location. Our team and partners handle everything, making international investment seamless and easy emphasizing trust and transparency.

We specialize in properties that are ideally suited for short-term rentals, ranging mit-tier to top-tier luxury apartments in Thessaloniki to beachfront villas in Mykonos. Each property is carefully selected and equipped with the right set of amenities to appeal to tourists and guests.

While returns vary based on location, property type, and market conditions, short-term rentals typically offer 18%-45% higher yields than traditional long-term leases. Contact us for a personalized investment analysis.

To start with we propose to potential property buyers/investors properties that are ideal for the short-term rental market. Along with the property owner we optimize properties with high-value amenities and decor that appeal to the guest audience. Additionally, our partnership with leading real estate firms and marketing strategies ensure your property stands out.

We offer flexible management contracts starting as low as three months, catering to property owners who seek short-term solutions without long-term commitments.

Our comprehensive management includes regular maintenance, cleaning services, and 24/7 guest support to ensure high satisfaction rates and repeat bookings. Additionally we collaborate with great technicians(handymen) that will solve the technical issue of your property sooner.

Yes, through our network of partners, including Engel & Völkers, we provide guidance on legal, financial, and tax-related matters, simplifying the buying process for our clients.