Welcome to Big Red Step Hospitality's Hosts Area! Welcome to your property's growth and success! Collaborate with us and have a trustful partner that manages your property with transparency and safety, while you earn more

Our collaboration’s purpose with each new property is to add value and generate more income in the short and long term. Owners can expect a dynamic mix of trust, transparency, professional ethics, flexibility, and an increase in property revenue.

On the digital front, we utilize advanced digital tools for reservation management and dynamic pricing, maximizing control over accommodation data and successful pricing.  Additionally, we customize our marketing for each different property. By targeting the right audience every different property aims to serve.

Our team consists of professionals specializing in online reservation platform operations, marketing, and communication. Success for us means that each property creates its own customer base, where clients choose the right accommodation that fits them better, encouraging them to visit again in the future.

On a physical level, accommodations are inspected after each check-out for any damages or wear and tear. This ensures that properties stay refreshed and well-maintained throughout our collaboration.

  • Reservation Management
  • Property Insights
  • Marketing Tools
  • Communication Hub
  • Resource Center
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Maintenance Monitoring
  • Guest Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Dynamic Pricing Tools

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Analysis of B2B services for property owners. There are various levels on the spectrum of property management. From comprehensive management to managing selected aspects of the accommodation or hotel unit. We are always available to discuss to what extent we could serve you.

Comprehensive management includes:

Reservation Management: Maximizing reservations in proportion to the price per period, always seeking the highest possible profit for your accommodation.
Cleaning Management: Handling the cleanliness of your accommodation by trained staff.
Communication and Negotiation with Guests: One of the most crucial points in the reservation process. We achieve the highest possible price based on the relative price and period, as well as employing other negotiation techniques.
Organization and Recruitment of Staff: Analyzing the ideal employee through various factors that will meet the needs of each hotel unit.

Guest Services: 24/7 communication with clients during their stay, aiming for a comprehensive and unified experience throughout their vacation.
Marketing and Promotion Management: Targeted promotion of your brand and increasing unit reservations through strategies and tactics suitable for tourism and the target audience.
Maintenance Management: Finding the right technician for the immediate resolution of technical issues and ensuring that the technical problem has been resolved. Additionally, providing assurance that the technical issue has been resolved and subsequently updating the owner regarding the matter.

External Collaborations:

 Consulting and Financial Oversight: In collaboration with the experienced Active Consulting, we provide expertise in crisis management, business planning, development of business plans for developmental programs, financing programs, legal support, banking negotiations, financial planning, and advice on tax and accounting issues.

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Yes, we have a Trusted pool of partners that have proven throughout our collaboration that they are excellent professionals and are aligned with our high standards. These Trusted partners include VIP transfer companies, yacht companies, private chefs, spa therapists and more. These trusted collaborations that count at least two years each, are ensuring that our guests will have a seamless experience and not be scammed.   
You can contact the founder directly through telephone and email. We are ready to provide any information or assistance you may need. Contact info: Tel.: +306984188615 Email:
Our dedication to personalized, luxury experiences for guests, combined with our professional property management and marketing services for owners, sets us apart in the Thessaloniki and Mykonos market.
We are committed to providing excellent service to our guests. We are always going above and beyond to ensure that your -and our- guests have a memorable experience during the precious days of their vacation.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to property owners. Including reservation management, marketing, and excellent guest communication. Anything that will keep guests happy and the calendar high in occupancy. We also value your   property as ours. Thus said, keeping your property in excellent condition is a very important aspect for us. 

We offer the maximum flexibility for the property owners according to the level at which they need our help and support. From full-service management to assistance with specific tasks, like the check-in/out, pricing and customer support.
For smaller properties we also offer the option to have seasonal or long-term agreements. Our standard payment structure is a percentage(%) of the gross booking cost.

We operate in two different places in Greece. In Thessaloniki city and in Mykonos island. Properties in both places differ in many ways.  We’re managing a diverse range of properties, from apartments and detached homes in Thessaloniki to boutique hotels and private luxury mansions in Mykonos island.

We employ different strategies and tools for businesses and different for private owners that do not have branded properties. 

   If you are a private owner of a single property we primarily use the right mix of OTAs(Airbnb, etc.) connected in a channel manager(Hosthub) and a dynamic pricing tool(Pricelabs).
  If you are a company -like a boutique hotel or a private villa- we use the right mix of OTAs(Airbnb, etc.) connected in a channel manager(Hosthub) and a dynamic pricing tool(Pricelabs), along with a more professional approach that also includes great caution in marketing mix and curating a direct booking engine through your company’s website. Apart from the excellent image through OTAs, your company will enjoy a comprehensive attention of Paid, Earned, and Owned media. Please note that the total cost of your marketing package will be determined by the specific services you select. We will work together to carefully assess your marketing needs and identify the most suitable package that fits within your budget.

Our approach involves the use of dynamic pricing software that expands into the general strategy. The strategy may differ according to the type and size of the property. Generally the pricing strategy is attached to market trends, demand, competition, marketing efforts and seasonality. All these nuances and actions  ensure maximum profitability for your property. Pricing is an incorporated tool incorporated in the  revenue management, which includes procedures like demand forecasting, yield management, inventory management and channel optimization.

Yes, we are open to discuss which aspect of management you wish to have supportal role or completely take over, and when.