Yes, we have a Trusted pool of partners that have proven throughout our collaboration that they are excellent professionals and are aligned with our high standards. These Trusted partners include VIP transfer companies, yacht companies, private chefs, spa therapists and more. These trusted collaborations that count at least two years each, are ensuring that our guests will have a seamless experience and not be scammed.   
You can contact the founder directly through telephone and email. We are ready to provide any information or assistance you may need. Contact info: Tel.: +306984188615 Email: hassapidis@bigredstep.com
Our dedication to personalized, luxury experiences for guests, combined with our professional property management and marketing services for owners, sets us apart in the Thessaloniki and Mykonos market.
We are committed to providing excellent service to our guests. We are always going above and beyond to ensure that your -and our- guests have a memorable experience during the precious days of their vacation.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to property owners. Including reservation management, marketing, and excellent guest communication. Anything that will keep guests happy and the calendar high in occupancy. We also value your   property as ours. Thus said, keeping your property in excellent condition is a very important aspect for us. 

We offer the maximum flexibility for the property owners according to the level at which they need our help and support. From full-service management to assistance with specific tasks, like the check-in/out, pricing and customer support.
For smaller properties we also offer the option to have seasonal or long-term agreements. Our standard payment structure is a percentage(%) of the gross booking cost.

We operate in two different places in Greece. In Thessaloniki city and in Mykonos island. Properties in both places differ in many ways.  We’re managing a diverse range of properties, from apartments and detached homes in Thessaloniki to boutique hotels and private luxury mansions in Mykonos island.

We employ different strategies and tools for businesses and different for private owners that do not have branded properties. 

   If you are a private owner of a single property we primarily use the right mix of OTAs(Airbnb, Booking.com etc.) connected in a channel manager(Hosthub) and a dynamic pricing tool(Pricelabs).
  If you are a company -like a boutique hotel or a private villa- we use the right mix of OTAs(Airbnb, Booking.com etc.) connected in a channel manager(Hosthub) and a dynamic pricing tool(Pricelabs), along with a more professional approach that also includes great caution in marketing mix and curating a direct booking engine through your company’s website. Apart from the excellent image through OTAs, your company will enjoy a comprehensive attention of Paid, Earned, and Owned media. Please note that the total cost of your marketing package will be determined by the specific services you select. We will work together to carefully assess your marketing needs and identify the most suitable package that fits within your budget.

Our approach involves the use of dynamic pricing software that expands into the general strategy. The strategy may differ according to the type and size of the property. Generally the pricing strategy is attached to market trends, demand, competition, marketing efforts and seasonality. All these nuances and actions  ensure maximum profitability for your property. Pricing is an incorporated tool incorporated in the  revenue management, which includes procedures like demand forecasting, yield management, inventory management and channel optimization.

Yes, we are open to discuss which aspect of management you wish to have supportal role or completely take over, and when. 


 Big Red Step Hospitality specializes in creating personalized vacation experiences, including activity planning, accommodation arrangements and pretty much A-Z scheduling. We tailor each aspect of your trip to match your preferences and desires.

The process begins with an initial call where we discuss your vision for the vacation, including preferences for activities, accommodation types, and any specific places you wish to visit. This conversation helps us gather essential information to create a vacation program that aligns with your expectations.

Absolutely! We cater to travelers of all types, including families with children. We can suggest family-friendly activities, accommodations, and dining options that everyone will enjoy.

Yes, we are committed to accommodating special requests and needs, including dietary restrictions and accessibility concerns. Please share your requirements during our initial call so we can ensure your vacation is comfortable and enjoyable. In any event, we can anytime customize your program according to the latest updates. 

Mykonos and Thessaloniki each offer unique experiences – Mykonos is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, and luxury accommodations, while Thessaloniki is celebrated for its rich history, cultural diversity, and delicious cuisine. Both destinations provide a mix of relaxation and adventure.

We recommend booking as far in advance as possible, especially during peak travel seasons, to ensure the availability of the best selection of accommodations and activities. Ideally, start planning your vacation at least 3-6 months ahead of your desired travel dates.

At the start of our collaboration we will send you a payment link to pay the 50% of the initial total amount, that is not refundable. If you cancel your trip for any reason, you don’t have to pay the rest 50%.
Initial amount is the planning for each person = 80€ / day (VAT 24% Included)
I.E: If your company is 5 people, and you need us to plan your vacation for a day, it would be 80€ x 5 pax = 400€ / day planned (VAT 24% Included). 

In this context you will have to initially pay the 200€ that are not refundable.
The other 50% -200€- will be paid on the first day of activities. If your vacation got canceled, you don’t have to pay the rest 200€.

Yes, kids younger than 14 years old are free of charge. From 14 years old to 18 we have a 50% discount. Above 18 years old there is no discount. 

 First and foremost we have a selection of trusted partners that it’s proven that they will keep our customers happy and will serve you the best. Apart from that, we carefully select accommodations, and all kinds of activities that you are interested in based on quality, guest reviews, location, and how well they match your preferences and budget. Our extensive local knowledge and partnerships in Mykonos and Thessaloniki allow us to always offer the best options for our clients.

Yes, transportation is the Nr.2 most important aspect of your vacation after the accommodation. We can arrange all necessary transportations for your vacation, including airport transfers with SUVs or vans, car rentals, helicopter transportation, and any other travel needs you may have within Mykonos and Thessaloniki.

Client privacy and security are our top priorities. We adhere to strict confidentiality protocols and ensure that all personal information and travel arrangements are securely managed and kept strictly and only within Big Red Step Hospitality archives. Additionally, we offer close bodyguard services to secure your property from potential thefts and/or close protection as you are enjoying your vacation. Always by certified professionals.


Thessaloniki and Mykonos are prime locations due to their high tourist demand, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant cultures. These areas offer great potential for rental income, especially with properties optimized for short-term stays. Βoth areas have among the highest investment yields in Greece.

Our personal touch, led by the CEO & Founder Dimitrios Hassapidis, ensures trust, transparency, and flexibility in managing your property. Unlike others, we offer a unique blend of local expertise and global standards, and most importantly direct short-term rental management and hence immediate cash-flow for the investor.

Absolutely. Our client base is global. We provide comprehensive management services, ensuring your property generates cash flow regardless of your location. Our team and partners handle everything, making international investment seamless and easy emphasizing trust and transparency.

We specialize in properties that are ideally suited for short-term rentals, ranging mit-tier to top-tier luxury apartments in Thessaloniki to beachfront villas in Mykonos. Each property is carefully selected and equipped with the right set of amenities to appeal to tourists and guests.

While returns vary based on location, property type, and market conditions, short-term rentals typically offer 18%-45% higher yields than traditional long-term leases. Contact us for a personalized investment analysis.

To start with we propose to potential property buyers/investors properties that are ideal for the short-term rental market. Along with the property owner we optimize properties with high-value amenities and decor that appeal to the guest audience. Additionally, our partnership with leading real estate firms and marketing strategies ensure your property stands out.

We offer flexible management contracts starting as low as three months, catering to property owners who seek short-term solutions without long-term commitments.

Our comprehensive management includes regular maintenance, cleaning services, and 24/7 guest support to ensure high satisfaction rates and repeat bookings. Additionally we collaborate with great technicians(handymen) that will solve the technical issue of your property sooner.

Yes, through our network of partners, including Engel & Völkers, we provide guidance on legal, financial, and tax-related matters, simplifying the buying process for our clients.