About us

The history, the mission, and the vision of the company.

We go beyond mere accommodations, standing out by providing security, transparency, and proven reservation-boosting mechanisms for property owners. Simultaneously, our personalized concierge services ensure our clients' experiences are seamless and meet their expectations. Offering a variety of property types, including luxurious villas and boutique hotels, we cater to diverse needs and preferences. Our commitment to high quality is upheld through regular inspections and professional maintenance. The properties we manage showcase the unique Cycladic architecture of Mykonos, delivering a blend of tradition, luxury, modernity, and personalized service.

The History

The story of Big Red Step Hospitality begins in 2020 when its founder, Dimitrios Chasapidis-Louloudis, decided to establish an organization dedicated to serving accommodations and their guests to the fullest extent. His expertise is rooted in four years of training in marketing, reservation management, and guest services through properties in Thessaloniki and Mykonos.

Mission Statement

The existence of Big Red Step Hospitality is built on two pillars. The first is to serve hotel units with the aim of increasing revenue both in the present and the future, as well as enhancing the brand reputation of each unit. The second pillar focuses on concierge services for the guests of hotel units, contributing to the augmentation of memorable experiences during their stay. This, in turn, guarantees a consistent and exceptional experience, mobilizing their choice to revisit the same accommodation each summer.


The vision that envelops Big Red Step Hospitality extends from the present into the future with transparency, operational precision, and respect for its clients. In the present, it will deliver exceptional services to property owners (B2B), fostering increased revenue and security. Additionally, it will create unforgettable experiences for the guests of managed properties (B2C). All of these efforts will fall under the umbrella of meticulous care, with the ultimate goal of achieving maximum results.

Satisfied customers in 2023 by Big Red Step Hospitality

“Creating Big Red Step Hospitality has been a journey fueled by a passion for hospitality excellence. Our commitment to transparency and guest satisfaction has made us more committed. The success stories of our property owners and the delightful experiences of our guests speak volumes about our mission. Big Red Step Hospitality is more than a company; it’s a testament to our dedication to elevating hospitality standards, one exceptional stay at a time.”

Dimitrios Hassapidis